Camp Lo – Luchini


Thankful my boys in high school put me on to this. “Luchini” was the single from Camp Lo’s great, underrated debut album “Uptown Saturday Night.” With a hook that you can’t help but repeat, Camp Lo seemed to create their own rapping style over beats that felt like they were made exclusively for them. Similar to how Ghostface made up his own slang and filled his raps with movie references, Camp Lo did the same with the blaxpoitation era of the 70’s. With Ski Beatz’ production, this was an “underground hit” (if that makes sense).

At the end of the “Luchini” video they go into another one of my favorites, “Swing” (featuring Butterfly Ish from Digable Planets). Geechie Suede (then changed to Emerald Suede) said he wanted to make a track with Butterfly.  Since he felt people were always comparing the two, Suede wanted to show people the difference and pitched the idea to Butterfly (who has also been part of the group “Cherrywine” &  “Shabazz Palaces” – where he is known as Palaceer Lazaro). 

To think, Ski almost gave this beat to Jay-Z! He did give Jay 2 other beats that were meant for Camp Lo, which ended up being “Feeling It” and “Politics As Usual”. There still exists a demo version of Camp Lo’s “Feeling It” that’s floating around. Regardless how you feel about Jay taking those beats, I still think their album was nonetheless still dope & original. 



Feelin’ It (Camp Lo version) 


Feelin’ It (Jay Z version) 

Politics as Usual 


 Digable Planets 




Shabazz Palaces 



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I’m sharing my thoughts on songs that made an impact on me. I also like to share other songs which are either sampled or samples the particular one I’m discussing, movies, references – basically anything that brings me back to the time and place when I first heard it. Music is an integral part of my life I we can all agree has a lasting impact on in the world as a whole. Enjoy…