Lost Boyz – Renee


The Art of Storytelling – where have you gone in Hip Hop?  I mean sure it’s been done since this particular song, but has it had this type of impact?  Where are the storytelling hits that we rapped word-for-word to?  This particular song from Queens’ own Lost Boyz is, for all intents and purposes; a classic.  I remember after school people arguing which version they liked better.

Ironically, although it’s an upbeat song; the story within the song is quite tragic.  With an all too familiar scenario playing out within this track, the community I grew up in up in saw it’s fair share of tragedy.  There’s familiar themes at work here : courtship, love, tragedy, and if you count the video – revenge.  Mr. Cheeks tells paints such a vivid picture learning the song was easy being that you played the song so many times.  Here’s a toast to the Lost Boyz…

R.I.P. Freaky Tah





#lostboyz #renee #legaldrugmoney #jamaica #queens #nyc #classic #hiphop #90s #educateyourself #tbt


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