So if I were to say “THIS guy gets it”, that might imply there’s something wrong with other contemporary hip hop artists; OR – he just get’s it.  Sky’s appreciation of Jazz is apparent in his music, from his flow to his beat selection.  Now being somewhat of an aficionado of that genre myself, I can definitively appreciate his projects as works of art.  Add some Brooklyn influence to rough out the edges, and this brings a certain street authenticity (and for those who grew up in the city – a sense of relatability) to the mix.  

In the intro called “Complicated Rhythm” for the mixtape “The Great Debater”, the narrator conveys this analogy of Skyzoo’s music (especially his bars) as a metaphorical ‘frisbee’.   There couldn’t be a better fitting description for his catalog in my humble opinion.  There’s a saying in Latino culture that goes “Para los gustos hicieron los colores”, which literally translates to : “for different tastes there are different colors”.  Now I usually let people do whatever ‘floats their boat’ by I try to implore anyone I meet that enjoys Hip Hop to check out his music. 


Complicated Rhythm (Frisbee analogy)


Range Rover Rhythm


Luxury (ft. Westside Gunn)


With Apollo Brown – One In The Same (ft. Patty Crash)


#skyzoo #hiphop #music #brooklyn #nyc #jazz #oneinthesame #rangeroverrhythm #westsidegunn #luxury #oglou #complicatedrhythm #educate yourself


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