NJ Classics : Artifacts – Wrong Side of Da Tracks / Miilkbone – Keep It Real




I remember seeing this on Video Music Box, and since in a couple of months I was moving to NJ, I copped their tape so I could get that Jersey vibe. I seriously don’t know how that tape didn’t pop. It STAYED in my walkman, tucked in my Columbia jacket. Trooping a little under a mile to high school everyday and sometimes skipping 1st period, it gave me time to appreciate the albums out at the time. 

Still one of my personal favorite albums of all time, you can hear it the whole way through – which I can’t say about too many projects. At the time I didn’t realize I was gravitating towards jazz. Especially on those cold, grey and gloomy Northeast days. Any time it’s cloudy and somewhat cool it takes me back to those days, transforming my mood to nostalgic and melancholic.

Definitely one of my favorite beats of all time too. Props goes out to T-Ray for producing that track. Among the samples he used is from Jack Bruce’s “Born To Be Blue”,  Grover Washington Jr’s “Hydra” and The 9th Creation’s “Bubble Gum”. These classic songs have been sampled by numerous other hip hop artists, from EPMD, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Chubb Rock, Black Moon, Showbiz and AG, Smif n’ Wessun and others. Damn – “Video Music Box”, “walkmans”, “tapes” and “Columbia jackets” – I must sound like a dinosaur. Still wouldn’t trade it for the world… 

Wrong Side of Da Tracks


Born To Be Blue




Bubble Gum

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Reppin’ Dirty Jersey’s Delaney  Projects, Milbone (a Naughty by Nature affiliate) brings us the track “Keep it Real” .  Before Eminem was on the scene (funny enough they had a brief “beef”), support for white rappers was ALMOST non-existent.  As I stated above, this takes me back to snowy days – rocking a scully, bubble jacket and timbs.

At first I was against moving to NJ coming from Washington Heights. Now in retrospect I understood why my parents moved since I was definitely impressionable during those teenage years. I also got to meet my lifelong friends, who are more like brothers than anything. When I hear this and “Wrong Side of the Tracks” as well as the other songs I post on here I want the younger generations to check them out. Sometimes you have to venture out of what’s “current” and revisit classic music as it’s timeless.

The haunting piano from Marian McPartland’s “Melancholy Mood” (respect to producer Mufi for finding that tune) and AZ sample make this one of those hidden gems I wish more people knew about. It seems that I wasn’t alone, since Big L (R.I.P.) & Jay-Z used this instrumental for their legendary 10 minute freestyle. Fast-forward and Freddie Gibbs resurrects this beat on “The Ghetto”, painting the picture of life in Gary, Indiana.

Keep It Real


Melancholy Mood


Big L and Jay Z Freestyle


The Ghetto

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