Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Drunk Game (Sweet Sugar Pie)

On this Wu Wednesday, I wanna celebrate the legacy of ODB. Instead of throwing out the typical tracks (‘Brooklyn Zoo’, ‘Shimmy Ya’ or ‘Baby I Got Your Money’) I picked “Drunk Game”. Now being a highly sarcastic person, what makes me laugh is randomness – which was Dirty’s M.O. from Day One. Osirus kind of lived everyone’s fantasy of not giving a fuck and getting paid to do it.

As far as this track, I’m fully aware that either you get it or you don’t. Either it’s “wierd” or the dopest thing you ever heard. This is the shit to me, and always will be. You hear his melody and knew he grew up listening to those old soul classics. I’m glad to see Dirt McGirt get some well-deserved shine in the recent Luke Cage promo for the aforementioned new Netflix show.

Let me preface what I’m about to say by stating this – I cannot begin to understand the pain his family, friends and fellow group members felt and STILL feel after his passing. Much respect and well wishes to you all. So with that being said, I miss you Dirty. I really do. As a sometimes cynical asshole with anger management issues (at times) I can tell you 100% from the bottom of my soul, on everything – your always had an impact on me. If I was in a foul mood you snapped me out of it and made me laugh (which is no easy task) or if I was already upbeat I sang off-key right with you. They say “never say never” but I know there will NEVER be anyone remotely close to you – EVER.

Rest In Power Ason you are severely missed…

Drunk Game (Sweet Sugar Pie)


Luke Cage Promo

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