I always have great hip hop conversations with my friends, so I decided to record and share them. This one was a last minute decision to record, but I think it came out great considering. Here you hear me and my boy talk about early hip hop memories, and my REAL feelings on : 2Pac, Uncle Luke, Camp Lo, Nas and more.

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Lost Boyz – Renee


The Art of Storytelling – where have you gone in Hip Hop?  I mean sure it’s been done since this particular song, but has it had this type of impact?  Where are the storytelling hits that we rapped word-for-word to?  This particular song from Queens’ own Lost Boyz is, for all intents and purposes; a classic.  I remember after school people arguing which version they liked better.

Ironically, although it’s an upbeat song; the story within the song is quite tragic.  With an all too familiar scenario playing out within this track, the community I grew up in up in saw it’s fair share of tragedy.  There’s familiar themes at work here : courtship, love, tragedy, and if you count the video – revenge.  Mr. Cheeks tells paints such a vivid picture learning the song was easy being that you played the song so many times.  Here’s a toast to the Lost Boyz…

R.I.P. Freaky Tah





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So if I were to say “THIS guy gets it”, that might imply there’s something wrong with other contemporary hip hop artists; OR – he just get’s it.  Sky’s appreciation of Jazz is apparent in his music, from his flow to his beat selection.  Now being somewhat of an aficionado of that genre myself, I can definitively appreciate his projects as works of art.  Add some Brooklyn influence to rough out the edges, and this brings a certain street authenticity (and for those who grew up in the city – a sense of relatability) to the mix.  

In the intro called “Complicated Rhythm” for the mixtape “The Great Debater”, the narrator conveys this analogy of Skyzoo’s music (especially his bars) as a metaphorical ‘frisbee’.   There couldn’t be a better fitting description for his catalog in my humble opinion.  There’s a saying in Latino culture that goes “Para los gustos hicieron los colores”, which literally translates to : “for different tastes there are different colors”.  Now I usually let people do whatever ‘floats their boat’ by I try to implore anyone I meet that enjoys Hip Hop to check out his music. 


Complicated Rhythm (Frisbee analogy)


Range Rover Rhythm


Luxury (ft. Westside Gunn)


With Apollo Brown – One In The Same (ft. Patty Crash)


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Big K.R.I.T.


I don’t EVER want to give the impression that I solely enjoy East Coast, 90’s hip hop.  I absolutely gravitate towards that, being I was an inner city youth then a teenager moving across the bridge; that was the soundtrack of my life.  Believe me, 1990 to 2000 is almost an indescribable “soundtrack” to say the least.  Anyway back on track, as this allows me the opportunity to show love to not only “new school”, but also Southern hip hop.  Case in point : Big K.R.I.T.  Although he had a body of mixtapes before, I first heard him on the mixtape “Return of  4eva”.  Now for me this was a perfect introduction, since not only were his skilled polished, but this mixtape succeeded in doing what only a handful of albums have done (to great impact).  By this I mean K.R.I.T. took me on a metaphorical stroll through his hometown.

Out of all the great tracks on this tape, the one that stands out to me is “Time Machine” as I live out the concept for this song everyday.  See, I have an Ipod that’s about 7-8 years old, which has all the music I ever owned on there (up to that point).  We’re talking well over 5k songs.  So for me my car is definitely my personal time machine.  Which I is why this song is so memorable to me as K.R.I.T. and Chamillionaire.  I knew Cham had skills and this song displays his potential to new listeners perfectly.  Speaking of perfect, driving down the highway at night or cruising around the neighborhood on a Saturday morning bumping this is everything. 

Time Machine


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NJ Classics : Artifacts – Wrong Side of Da Tracks / Miilkbone – Keep It Real




I remember seeing this on Video Music Box, and since in a couple of months I was moving to NJ, I copped their tape so I could get that Jersey vibe. I seriously don’t know how that tape didn’t pop. It STAYED in my walkman, tucked in my Columbia jacket. Trooping a little under a mile to high school everyday and sometimes skipping 1st period, it gave me time to appreciate the albums out at the time. 

Still one of my personal favorite albums of all time, you can hear it the whole way through – which I can’t say about too many projects. At the time I didn’t realize I was gravitating towards jazz. Especially on those cold, grey and gloomy Northeast days. Any time it’s cloudy and somewhat cool it takes me back to those days, transforming my mood to nostalgic and melancholic.

Definitely one of my favorite beats of all time too. Props goes out to T-Ray for producing that track. Among the samples he used is from Jack Bruce’s “Born To Be Blue”,  Grover Washington Jr’s “Hydra” and The 9th Creation’s “Bubble Gum”. These classic songs have been sampled by numerous other hip hop artists, from EPMD, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Chubb Rock, Black Moon, Showbiz and AG, Smif n’ Wessun and others. Damn – “Video Music Box”, “walkmans”, “tapes” and “Columbia jackets” – I must sound like a dinosaur. Still wouldn’t trade it for the world… 

Wrong Side of Da Tracks


Born To Be Blue




Bubble Gum

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Reppin’ Dirty Jersey’s Delaney  Projects, Milbone (a Naughty by Nature affiliate) brings us the track “Keep it Real” .  Before Eminem was on the scene (funny enough they had a brief “beef”), support for white rappers was ALMOST non-existent.  As I stated above, this takes me back to snowy days – rocking a scully, bubble jacket and timbs.

At first I was against moving to NJ coming from Washington Heights. Now in retrospect I understood why my parents moved since I was definitely impressionable during those teenage years. I also got to meet my lifelong friends, who are more like brothers than anything. When I hear this and “Wrong Side of the Tracks” as well as the other songs I post on here I want the younger generations to check them out. Sometimes you have to venture out of what’s “current” and revisit classic music as it’s timeless.

The haunting piano from Marian McPartland’s “Melancholy Mood” (respect to producer Mufi for finding that tune) and AZ sample make this one of those hidden gems I wish more people knew about. It seems that I wasn’t alone, since Big L (R.I.P.) & Jay-Z used this instrumental for their legendary 10 minute freestyle. Fast-forward and Freddie Gibbs resurrects this beat on “The Ghetto”, painting the picture of life in Gary, Indiana.

Keep It Real


Melancholy Mood


Big L and Jay Z Freestyle


The Ghetto

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Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Drunk Game (Sweet Sugar Pie)

On this Wu Wednesday, I wanna celebrate the legacy of ODB. Instead of throwing out the typical tracks (‘Brooklyn Zoo’, ‘Shimmy Ya’ or ‘Baby I Got Your Money’) I picked “Drunk Game”. Now being a highly sarcastic person, what makes me laugh is randomness – which was Dirty’s M.O. from Day One. Osirus kind of lived everyone’s fantasy of not giving a fuck and getting paid to do it.

As far as this track, I’m fully aware that either you get it or you don’t. Either it’s “wierd” or the dopest thing you ever heard. This is the shit to me, and always will be. You hear his melody and knew he grew up listening to those old soul classics. I’m glad to see Dirt McGirt get some well-deserved shine in the recent Luke Cage promo for the aforementioned new Netflix show.

Let me preface what I’m about to say by stating this – I cannot begin to understand the pain his family, friends and fellow group members felt and STILL feel after his passing. Much respect and well wishes to you all. So with that being said, I miss you Dirty. I really do. As a sometimes cynical asshole with anger management issues (at times) I can tell you 100% from the bottom of my soul, on everything – your always had an impact on me. If I was in a foul mood you snapped me out of it and made me laugh (which is no easy task) or if I was already upbeat I sang off-key right with you. They say “never say never” but I know there will NEVER be anyone remotely close to you – EVER.

Rest In Power Ason you are severely missed…

Drunk Game (Sweet Sugar Pie)


Luke Cage Promo

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Nas – The Message/If I Ruled The World



When people ask me what’s my favorite hip hop song of all time, I say “The Message” by Nas. Every time I hear that Sting sample from “Shape of My Heart” it reminds me of the end credits from the movie “The Professional”. Tone and Poke also used the famous drum and partial bass sample from The Honey Drippers “Impeach The President”. In a DJ Premier-inspired move, they scratch up Nas’ own lines to serve as the hook/chorus. From the open bars : “Fake thug, no love you get the slug, CB4 Gusto/ you’re luck low, I didn’t know ’til I was drunk though” you knew he was rhyming on a different level (tough to do as he had already set the bar high with arguably the ‘flawless’ rookie hip hop album of all time). Now the the fact that he’s going at certain people aside, I think this is one of those cases where the beat and the lyrics create something incredible. 

Next we have “If I Ruled The World”, which I think ranks in my opinion as the ‘perfect’ hip hop song from Nas. First we have the talented Lauren Hill singing the hook from the old school Kurtis Blow song by the same name. If that wasn’t paying enough homage, Trackmasters sampled the Whodini song “Friends”.  Coupled with the fact that Nas is painting a picture with his social commentary (which still rings true today). All these factors leads to my belief on why I think it should be considered ‘, especially if I’m introducing someone to the genre of hip hop (not to be confused with rap).

The Message :


Shape of My Heart :


Impeach The President :

The Professional (Trailer) :

If I Ruled The World :



If I Ruled The World (Kurtis Blow) :


Friends :


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